Terms of Use of Nikkei Online Exhibition
Article 1 Definitions

The definitions of terms in the Terms of Use of Nikkei Online Exhibition (hereinafter, "the Terms") are as follows:
1. “Events Pro” refers to Nikkei Events Pro Co., Ltd.
2. “The Service” refers to "Nikkei Online Exhibition," which is an event distribution platform service operated by Events Pro.
3. “User” or “Users” refers to an individual (or individuals) who has applied for registration with Events Pro to use the Service and has been approved by Events Pro.
4. “The Event” refers to exhibitions, symposiums, seminars and other events distributed by the Service.
5. “Organizer” refers to a person who holds the Event.
6. “Exhibitor" refers to a person who has an exhibition booth at the Event. Exhibitor provides Users with content such as materials and videos related to its products and services at the exhibition booth.
7. “The Content” refers to materials, videos, images and other contents distributed by the Service.
8. “Registration Information” refers to the name, address, e-mail address and other information registered by the User when using the Service.

Nikkei Online Exhibition Privacy Policy

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